About Me: “My Dirt Road Kitchen”


I am Cassie Lang and I am from a small town in Arkansas. I am a pharmacy student and military wife. Food has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I loved making cookies and cupcakes and giving them as gifts to people I cared for. Southern food is what I know best. To tell you a little about me and behind the name of “My Dirt Road Kitchen”.  Lets start here….

I was raised on a farm in rural Arkansas. Let’s say population around 1000 people and the nearest Wal-Mart was about a 30 minute drive. I lived down a dirt road with no cell service and no internet. Yes, I survived without a smart phone haha! Therefore, utilizing the ingredients on the farm was essential. My family, especially my grandparents had at least 3 gardens each year with every vegetable you could imagine. My nana cans enough vegetables to last the entire year including pasta sauce, salsa and jams. My family raised chickens, hogs and cattle. And when I say chickens…I mean around 20,000 per chicken house.  I know… What? Yes, 20,000 chickens per house which were raised for Tyson Chicken who supplies most of the world with their chicken. My family butcher and store their own meats. They also hunt deer and catch catfish.

I started to learn to cook when I was just 3 years old. I would stand on a stool above the stove and help my mom and grandmas cook.  I come from a long line of home cooks. All the women in my family can cook from generations ago. Food and recipes have been my passion since a young age. By the age of 10, I was writing my own recipes.  Today, I have over 150 of my own recipes or recipes that were past down to me. This was the main reason for me to write a cookbook.  I have almost finished writing a southern cookbook, and it will be ready for print in about 2 weeks. This cookbook is in dedication to my mother, my grandpa and my grandmas who have taught me everything I know about the kitchen.  I’m starting my second cookbook this fall which is focused on Southern Holidays.

Meals were important to my family. It was a time when we all sat around the dinner table and had quality family time over a meal prepared from love. Now, there’s nothing wrong with frozen burritos, but there’s not as much love in them as a homemade fresh apple pie. When I prepare home cooked meals for someone, its the way I show I care for that person. My dad and grandpas would come in from the hay fields and sit around the dinner table, and we would discuss our day together. It was a bonding time for my family. My family focuses on “from scratch” meals.  Most of my recipes are made from scratch and from the ingredients that you can find on your farm. These are inexpensive meals for your family. I do have a few gourmet style meals too.  Those are just fun to play around with. Why not? Cooking in the kitchen is also a great way to bond with your children. Let them cutout cookies and learn the basics of cooking. They will be thankful later in life.

I decided to create this blog as another way to share my love for cooking and my recipes with you all.

May my recipes fill your stomach and warm your heart.

-Cassie Lang

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