Fried Green Tomatoes, Okra & Squash

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Okra and Fried Squash are true Southern Favorites. I remember my mom and nana walking down to the garden and picking the fresh veggies and making this delicious treat for me. We had fried okra and squash with several meals through out the week during the summer time.  It goes great with fried chicken and biscuit and gravy.

Let’s Get Cooking:

You will need:

3 Large Green Tomatoes sliced (the thickness of the slices is up to you).

3 cups of sliced Okra

2 Yellow Squash thinly sliced

2 1/2 cups of Corn Meal

1 cup of Buttermilk or Milk

2 Eggs Beaten

1 teaspoon Salt & Black Pepper


Pre-Heat Fry Daddy. Whisk eggs and buttermilk together. Whisk corn meal with salt and black pepper in another bowl.  Dip a few pieces of the okra, squash or tomatoes into the milk and egg mixture. Then dip them into the corn meal. I usually cook the okra or squash first, then the tomatoes. But not all together.  Shake off excess corn meal, but make sure they are still well coated with corn meal. Drop a few pieces at a time into the fry daddy.  Cook for about 3 minutes until golden brown.  Place onto a napkin to drain excess grease and lightly salt.

Serve Warm.


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