Chicken Enchiladas

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We love Mexican Food at our house. Tacos, Nachos, Fajitas, Enchiladas and all. But, today on the blog, we’re cooking enchiladas. And these are quite tasty!

Let’s Get Cooking!

You Will Need:

1 package of Tortilla Shells (Corn or Flour)

3 Chicken Breast Cutlets

1 Onion diced

1 can of Green Chiles or 1/2 Bell Pepper diced (optional)

1 can of Rotel Tomatoes (optional) (for some heat, purchase the Hot Rotel)

1 teaspoon of Chili Powder

1 teaspoon of Ground Cumin

1/2 Lime for Juice

2-3 cans of Green or Red Enchilada Sauce (use as much as you prefer)

2-3 cups of shredded Cheese of your choice

Salt for taste


Pre-Heat Oven to 350F. Pan fry chicken on both sides until no longer pink about 4-5 minutes. In another skillet, add Rotel Tomatoes, peppers and onion. Sauté for 2-3 minutes until onions and peppers are tender. Shred chicken and add it to the pan with the onions and peppers. Season with cumin, chili powder and salt. Squeeze 1/2 lime juice into the skillet and sauté for another 30 seconds. Pour 2 cans of Enchilada Sauce into a casserole dish. Dip each tortilla shell into the sauce and add 1-2 spoonfuls of the chicken mixture to the middle as well as some shredded cheese. Roll the tortilla shell up. Repeat process until all tortilla shells are filled and rolled. Place them into the casserole dish with the enchilada sauce. You can add more seasoning to sauce if you prefer. Pour the rest of the sauce over the tortilla shells and top with cheese. Bake for 30 minutes.

Serve with Sour Cream.


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