Southern No Bake Punch Bowl Dessert

dessertThis Trifle dessert is so yummy with cream, cake and fruit with each bite. Your family and friends will love this dessert and its a light dessert too! A great Holiday Sweet 🙂

Let’s Get Baking!

You will need:

1 box of Angel Food Cake Mix and ingredients according to box ( a pre-cooked Angel Food Cake Works too)

1 container of Cool Whip

1 Large box of Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix

3 cups of Milk

1 box of Strawberries cleaned and sliced

1 tablespoon of White Sugar

5 Bananas peeled and sliced


Bake Angel Food cake according to box directions and let cool. Then tear cake into bite size pieces. Slice strawberries and place in a bowl. Toss strawberries in 1 tablespoon of White Sugar and let set aside. Whisk Vanilla pudding mix with the milk and let set until pudding forms. Next, whisk the cool whip with the vanilla pudding until well mixed. In a trifle dish or other large dish, place a layer of pudding & cool whip mixture in the bottom of the dish, next place a layer of the pieces of cake, and then layer with some banana and strawberry slices. Continue this layering process until all ingredients are used. Make sure to top the dish with the rest of the cool whip and vanilla pudding mixture and a sliced strawberry. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Happy Holidays 🙂

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