Deep Fried Philly Cheese Steak Wraps

wrapsMy husband is originally from Pennsylvania and loves Philly Cheese Steaks and I’m from Arkansas. So I combined the two into a yummy treat. I usually serve these with a white queso dipping sauce.


2-3 cups of shredded roast beef (a great way to use left over pot roast)

1/2 Bell Pepper diced

1/2 Vidalia Onion diced

1 cup of White American Cheese shredded

Salt & Black Pepper for taste

1 package of Egg Roll Wrappers


In a large skillet, cook onion and bell pepper. Toss in shredded beef. Season with salt and black pepper. Cook for 3-4 minutes until vegetables are tender.

Place one egg roll wrapper onto a flat surface.  Place one large teaspoon of the beef mixture into the middle of the egg roll wrapper and sprinkle with the shredded White American cheese. Roll the egg roll wrapper and tuck the edges forming an egg roll. Rub the edges with a small amount of water in order for the egg roll wrappers to stick together.  Continue this process until all ingredients and egg roll wrappers are used.

Drop the completed egg rolls into a hot fry daddy at 375F.  Make sure you have plenty of oil. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until golden brown. Lay onto a napkin to drain excess grease.  I usually serve with a melted white queso dip.

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