An Inspirational New Year of Cooking 2015

dirt roadMy Dirt Road Inspired Cooking: 

Happy New Year!  I thought we would start the year with an inspirational cooking blog post. Cooking comes from the heart and every culture is different. Therefore, find your inspiration for cooking this year through your family and culture. There is more in the “About Me” section of my blog. Cooking is a way I show people I care for them. I love to bake for everyone.

The dirt road was my home nearly all my life, and its a huge inspiration in my cooking. I remember the very hot summers in a little town called Poughkeepsie, Arkansas with a population of 394. My father and grandfathers would work in the hay fields for days from sun up to sun down. My family had several acres of farm land where they raised cattle and had a cow sale barn which we attended each week. My grandparents would be working in the 3 gardens that they would plant each year. My grandparents and parents owned several chicken houses that supplied chicken to grocery stores all over the United States. Each house contained about 20,000 chickens, therefore we ate a lot of chicken growing up. I had to clean chicken trays and work in the chicken houses for my gas money growing up, and I did it every weekend.  It was hard work, but I learned where a dollar came from. The nearest Wal-Mart was over 30 minutes away. There was no internet..well at least not until I was 17. Then, we finally bought a computer and dial up internet haha. Our TV was through bunny ears…some of you might know what these are still today. Now, we purchased cable later when I was older. I entertained myself a lot through baking.

My grandparents grow and can almost all their food. They can jams, jellies, salsa, fruits and veggies. They raise hogs, cattle, hunt and fish. When I was growing up, my grandparents and mother always taught me to cook from the heart and from scratch. The dinner table was important to my family and still is today. It’s where we would share our day over a home cooked meal. I started to learn to cook when I was just 3 by standing on a stool. I would surprise my parents with breakfast several mornings. And I started writing recipes at the age 10 when my grandma made me a homemade cookbook. It was a photo album filled of recipe notecards. One of my greatest memories as a child was my time spent with her. Now, I am able to share the love and recipes with you all around the world through this blog. Today, we have 70 countries viewing the blog.

The dirt road…The beautiful painted scenery of the Lord. I remember running barefoot through the fresh grass and listening to the crickets on a warm July night. I would walk down the dirt road to my grandparent’s house where they still live today. My grandparents would host fish cookouts every summer with fresh catfish from the river. The smell of the dirt road, and the horses in the pasture running along the side of the road was what I saw each day. Or the creek I went swimming in each summer down below our home. These are the inspirations that drive my southern cooking and southern values. These are things that keep me humble today in this fast past world of technology and fast food.

With the new year upon us, I want to say thank you for reading my blog. I will keep posting yummy recipes for you. And get in the kitchen, grab your children and apron and make family memories that will last a life time. Hope You all have a blessed New Year, a Warm Heart, Full Stomach and all the blessings from our Lord. And remember to bake a thoughtful treat for your friends and neighbors.


2 thoughts on “An Inspirational New Year of Cooking 2015

  1. I love all of your recipes and the name of your blog. You are definitely a very younger version of myself having learned to cook entire meals at 10 years old. I can remember standing in a chair at a much younger age watching my grandmother cook on her beautiful, well used wood stove, even in the summer with the kitchen windows raised to release some of the summer heat. When I got too big to stand in the chair next to her, I kneeled in it. I also lived on a dirt road while growing up and not having things like the internet or cable, so like you, I cooked and baked all the time. My Daddy was a small farmer raising cows, hogs, peas, butterbeans and corn in the garden each year. I spent many many days in the field picking peas, butterbeans, shucking corn and putting up vegetables. I am the oldest of 8 kids and my mama had tuberculosis when I was just a little girl at 10 years old and she had to be put in a tb hospital for 3 years so it was a good thing I had learned to cook, making biscuits, cooking and baking already. Isn’t it funny how our lives are so similar yet you are probably the age of my oldest grandchild! It truly makes me so happy to see a beautiful young woman like yourself loving the art of country cooking! True southern cooking too! Makes me smile. 🙂 Thanks so much for such a great blog and for all the great recipes! May God richly bless you and your family in this new year and when I cook your wonderful recipes, I will be thinking of you and wondering what you may be cooking. 🙂

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  2. Hi Mrs. Debbie, Thanks so much for reading the blog. It sounds like me and you are very similar. I love reading your story too. Some of my favorite memories as a child was in the kitchen learning to cook. I always enjoyed cooking and putting in the extra work to make something homemade. I still bake for everyone today.


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