Video Tutorials For Homemade Fondant & Sugar Art Coming Soon!

FotorCreatedIf you don’t already I know. I have HUGE baking addiction. I love to bake and almost always give all my baked goods away. I’m hoping to sponsor a few children at the children’s home and make birthday cakes for them on occasion. When I first started baking, I wanted to learn to make so many things. But, it was hard finding tutorials that were exactly what I was looking for, so I taught myself a lot. Therefore, I want to do TWO video tutorials on how to make a couple of baking items that can be difficult to master. And I hope they are easy enough for everyone. The first is fondant. Fondant is great for covering cakes or making homemade cupcake toppers like the ones I made in the picture on this blog. However, achieving a fondant that is tasty and study enough to cover cakes without drying out quickly or cracking is sometimes hard to do. There are many recipes out there and I want to share mine. Next, sugar art is usually seen on cupcakes at expensive restaurants, weddings, bakeries and even on food network challenges. They are simple, but extremely elegant. Sugar art is an eye catcher. It’s great for topping individual desserts, cupcakes or cakes.  You can impress your guests at your next party with these easy to make toppers. I have several variations I want to share. Anyway, thanks again for reading the blog. And when the tutorials are ready, I will post links on the blog. -xoxo Cassie

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